What Is the Mold Assessment Process?

Mold infestations cause ugly spots and discoloration, but those are not the only issues that arise when there is indoor mold. Can you live with the musty earthy smell, or deal with the wheezing, sneezing, and coughing that comes as a result of the presence of mold? The truth is, when mold spores already have established a colony in your home, you need all the help you can get to get rid of them. You need the assistance of a qualified mold remediation team, like the team at Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Westbury NY.

Preparation for Mold Remediation

Every mold removal process should start with a professional mold inspection. Our mold professionals are very skilled in the assessment process and will always follow every step to the letter. With a call through to 516-500-3480, our services are all yours. Understanding the steps involved might look simple but carrying them out takes years of experience. The following are step-by-step explanations of the mold assessment conducted by our professionals.

Gathering Info About the Situation

Before mold remediation can even be considered, our specialists will gather every piece of information that can help us determine the scope of the mold growth. We'll need to investigate the relative humidity of the environment as related to whether a mold colony is present, or check for possible temperature fluctuations that could be encouraging mold growth. All these will help us to carry out an assessment and testing plan.

Detailed Visual Inspection

We then conduct a visual inspection of the premises. It gives us a scope of what we are dealing with, allows us to identify the places of past water damage, and locate the moldy areas themselves.

Outcomes of Visual Inspection

After carrying out a proper visual mold inspection, the outcome can be one of the following.

  • No mold was detected. In this case, there is no remediation work needed. Our techs will make you aware of how you can prevent mold growth.
  • Mold can be seen with a naked eye. If that, the mold remediation is required ASAP.
  • Unclear mold presence. Our inspectors will conduct mold sampling when a visual inspection shows only an indication of spores growth, but not visible patches themselves. This will allow us to quantify the mold growing with certified laboratory results.

Mold Sampling

Knowing the type of mold and how much of it is growing in the area can be understood by taking samples and testing the samples for mold. We will send samples in for laboratory sampling and testing to confirm mold growth and to know the best way to tackle it. Mold sampling can be done by testing for the air and not necessarily surface sampling.

Investigate Suspect Hidden Areas

Any mold removal specialist will agree that mold thrives in hidden places. We prefer to limit ourselves to non-intrusive inspections whenever possible. However, it can be helpful in some circumstances to look behind walls, etc, in order to make the most detailed plans for mold remediation.

These inspections can be of two types:

  • Small invasive inspection

    This type of mold inspection involves identifying mold in hidden areas. It can require small-scale destructive openings of walls or other. Here, there is no need to go extra with making huge openings in hidden areas before making visual analysis, or sampling of molds.

  • Destructive inspection

    The destructive inspection involves the removal of building material surfaces to permit visual inspection of typically hidden areas. The scale of destruction here is on a much wider scale than in an invasive inspection. However, it could be all that you need for the total elimination of molds in your house.

How Can Our Mold Inspectors in Westbury Help You?

Generally, addressing mold without knowing how big the problem is could lead to mistakes that could escalate the issue greatly. A proper mold inspection and testing service in Westbury, NY will help you to understand the severity of the damage and how you can curb or eliminate their presence. For a proper, detailed mold assessment you can contact Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Westbury NY at 516-500-3480. You can rest assured of our top-notch service delivery!


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